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For The Perfect Professional

Day in and day out, you work hard to exchange a lot of crucial information while building professional relationships with clients, partners and colleagues.

Because the Livescribe 3 smartpen captures everything you write and hear, you can focus on engaging with your colleagues and customers during meetings rather than frantically scribbling notes.

Plus, with your information accessible on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll get action items, appointments and meeting notes to the people and places that need them.

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Smart For School

Focus on learning in class rather than just taking notes. With an Echo smartpen, you can write less and listen more – knowing your smartpen will capture everything.

Echo smartpens let you record words, diagrams, scribbles, symbols and audio - syncing everything you hear to what you wrote. Just tap on your notes and your smartpen will play back your professor's explanation - word for word. Transfer your notes to your computer so you can search, organize and share.

With the Echo smartpen, you’ll never miss a word again.

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